Warhammer 40000 - No surrender

Standings Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

Player: Joey Tittel
Club: Amsterdam Battle Brothers

3228 command points

Strength of schedule: 1683

Round 1, Table 12 : 62 - 50 vs Ricardo Barrientos de Reus (1062 CP)
Round 2, Table 10 : 85 - 44 vs Dennis Aaltink (1085 CP)
Round 3, Table 5 : 81 - 37 vs Sam Williams (1081 CP)

530 painting points

Player: Joey Tittel
registration: 39
Club: De Amsterdamsche club
total army points: 2000 power level: 101
ITC faction: Questor Imperialis
command points: 10 (12-6(super heavy) + 6(warlord in super heavy) – 1(heirlooms) -1(exalted court))

Super heavy detachment -6 cp (Imperium – Imperial Knights – Questor mechanicus – custom household tradition: Unremitting) [101 PL, 2000pts]

Lord of war [32 PL, 635pts]
Knight Castellan [545pts]: 2x Shieldbreaker Missile [20pts], 2x Twin Siegebreaker Cannon [70pts] Plasma Decimator, Titanic Feet, 2x Twin Meltagun, Volcano Lance
Exalted court -1 CP: Cold eradication
heirlooms of the household -1 CP: Cawl's Wrath

Lord of war [26 PL, 520pts]
Knight Crusader[395pts]: Rapid fire battle cannon [100pts], 2x heavy stubber [10pts], Avenger gatling cannon [0pts], heavy flamer[0pts] ,Ironstorm Missile Pod [15pts]
Warlord: Ion bulwark
Relic: Endless fury

Lord of war [27PL, 525pts]
3x Armiger helverin [170pts]: 2x armiger autocannons[0pts], heavy stubber[5pts]

Lord of war [16 PL, 320pts]
2x Armiger Warglaives [150pts]: Meltagun [10pts], Thermal Spear, Reaper Chain-Cleaver

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Maximum painting points scored!

Squad Markings:

500 point bonus:

500 army points

Format: 500/250
Legal: 0/250