Warhammer 40K Heroes&Heretics

Standings Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

Team name: Brothers of the Mountain
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51 command points

Strength of schedule: 1566

Round 1, Table 14 : 26 - 29 vs De Bros (26 CP)
Round 2, Table 17 : 14 - 28 vs Xenos scum (14 CP)
Round 3, Table 9 : 11 - 36 vs Burning Brothers (11 CP)

529 painting points

Team Member 1: Guus van den Berg
Team Member 2: Marnix van den Berg
Team Command Points: 8(+3Battleforged,+3 Battalion,+1 Supreme Command,+1 Execution Force,-1 Specialist Detachment)

Team Member: Guus van den Berg
Total Points:1000 points
Command points :+3 Battalion,+1 Exectution Force

Battalion Detachment: White Scars
HQ1: Khan on Bike WARLORD PL:6 100 points
HQ2: Chaplain on Bike(95),Stormbolter(2),Twinlinked Bolter(2) PL:5 99 points
Elite1: Apothecary on Bike(80),Twinlinked Bolter(2) PL:4 82 points
Troop1: 5man(including Sergeant) Scout Squad(5x11=55),5xAstartes Shotguns PL:4 55 points
Troop2: 5man(including Sergeant) Scout Squad(5x11=55),5xAstartes Shotguns PL:4 55 points
Troop3: 5man(including Sergeant) Scout Squad(5x11=55),5xSniper Rifles(5x2=10) PL:4 65 points
Hvy1: Thunderfire Cannon(55),Techmarine Gunner(26),Plasmacutter(5),Flamer(6) PL:4 92 points
HVy2: 3man(including Sergeant) Eliminator Squad(3x18=54),3x Camo-Cloaks(3x3=9) Pl:4 72 points
3x Bolt Sniper Rifles(3x9=9)
Vanguard Detachment: Execution Force
Elite1: Calidus Assassin Pl:5 95 points
Elite1: Vindicare Assassin PL:5 95 points
Elite1: Eversor Assassin PL:5 95 points
Elite1: Culexus Assassin PL:5 95 points

Team Member: Marnix van den Berg
Total Points:999
Command points :+1 Supreme Command,-1 Specialist Detachment

Supreme Command Detachment (Alpha Legion) 999 points
Specialist Detachment: SoulForged Pack
HQ1: Daemon Prince with Wings(155),Hellforged Sword(10),Malific Talon PL:8 165 points
Mark of Tzeentch, WARLORD
HQ2: Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour(95),Power maul(4),Combi-Melta(15) PL:6 114 points
Mark of Khorne
HQ3: Lord Discordant(150),Baleflamer(20),Techno-Injector Virus Pl:9 170 points
Mark of Khorne
LOW1: Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne(550) PL:32 550 points

Squad Markings:

500 point bonus:

750 army points

Format: 500/250
Legal: 250/250