Tabletop Alliance Age of Sigmar 3.0 FAQ


Age of Sigmar 3.0 Tabletop Alliance FAQ

Dear General,

This document contains questions asked by participants to our events because the Core Rules or FAQ has not sufficiently answered them. These rulings can be seen as "house rulings" until cleared up by an FAQ. In no way, shape or form does Tabletop Alliance claim to have all the wisdom but we want to make events as fun as possible and clearity is a big part in this.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at or ask Tom via Whatsapp and we will add the question and our answer to this list as soon as possible.

Battleplans and general rules

Q: If my model is placed on top of a building, can it be placed such that the unit is unchargeable? A: No, all models that are more than 3 inch above the playing mat (on terrain) are considered to be at a height of 3 inch for range and rules purposes.

Q: In the battleplan Savage Gains, does a player score 2 points for EVERY middle objective or two points when total when controlling any of the two middle objectives? A: The first as per FAQ september 2021.

Q: Can a unique character use the core spells, like Flaming Weapon, either with or without using an enhancement? A: No.

Q: Can a unit use Unleash Hell if his shooting attack does not target a unit (example Luminark of Hysh) or has no designated missile profile (for example Prince Vhordrai). A: No. Only attacks that have a "missile" profile in their attacks can attempt to Unleash Hell.

Q: Bodyguard rules. When is passing off a wound regarded as a bodyguard rule and how will Alliance Open rule this. A: Abilities that let you pass-off a wound AND/OR negate the wound will be counted as a ward (for example Sworn Protectors ability from Auric Hearthguard). However, rules that reallocate wounds or mortal wounds to other units, but DO NOT state that they are negated, are NOT wards. For example: the Soulbound Protectors rule from Immortis Guard or Be'lakors ability to pass-off wounds in Legion of the First Prince.


Q: If two Idoneth Deepkin players face eachother, do they share the same tide? A: No

Q: Can I use the "Lord of the Tides" ability in 2 different rounds if I have more than one Akhelian King? A: No, once you declare the “Lord of Tides” ability it cannot be replicated anymore.

Q: Can an Idoneth Deepkin unit benefit from cover and garrison? A: If the cover is provided by the Idoneth tide, yes. Garrison does not provide “cover” benefits and nothing prevents them from stacking. (Reminder that a garrisoned unit is not “”on” the terrain and does not benefit from cover rules from the terrain)

Q: Can I use the Fyreslayers "Lord of the Lodge" ability in 2 different rounds if I have more than one Auric Runefather A: No, once you declare the “Lord of the Lodge” ability it cannot be replicated anymore.

ERRATA Page 82-Bard of the lodge: Change the rule text to: If this unit issues a rallying command on a Fyreslayers unit, you can return 1 slain model to the unit that receives the command for each 4+ instead of each 6.

Q: Sylvaneth Wyldwoods, are ranges measured from the leaves or the base of the terrain piece? A: The entire terrain piece is used to measure ranges to and from the model, including leaves.

Q: Kharadron Overlords fly high; the new core rules state that joining or leaving a defensible piece of terrain happens at the end of the movement phase, how does this affect the Fly High rule? A: Fly High specifically states that models can join or leave before the vessel moves. As warscroll trumps core rules, this is still possible.

Q: Is Gotrek matched play legal at Tabletop Alliance events? A: Yes

Q: Vanari Dawnriders; how do we determine how Deathly Furrows works when attacking a unit with different wounds within the unit, such as the Khainite Shadowstalkers. A: The Khainite Shadowstalkers portray a wound characteristics of 1 on their warscroll, so that is leading.

Q: Sylvaneth Metamorphosis spell; how does this interact with Gotrek's Avatar of Grimnir ability? A: When casting the spell on (for example a 9), you roll 9 dice. Let's say you roll 6 times 3+, Gotrek should suffer 6 mortal wounds but the Avatar changes it to one. Now the player controlling Gotrek will roll his ward save.

Q: Does Morathi-Khaine get a ward save? A: Since wounds are not allocated the Morathi-Khaine but to The Shadow Queen she does not get a ward save. Since those wounds can not be negated when transferred, the Shadow Queen also does not get a ward save.

Q: If a Kharadron Overlords skyvessel that has 1 or more units embarked on it charges an enemy unit, can that enemy unit unleash hell on the skyvessel as it now has multiple units within 3 inch of it. A: No, while the units are not physically there, they count as being there (except for when counting models on objectives).


Q: Knights of the Empty Throne; when targetted with Metamorphosis, does every Varanguard count as 5 models or only 1? A: The entire unit is a hero and thus gains the keyword, making every model from that Varanguard unit count as 5 models. They can also each do a monstrous rampage as per FAQ september 2021.

Q: Knights of the Empty Throne; when a KOTET hero uses the Unmatched Conquerers command ability on a unit that counts as X models on an objective (for example a Mega Gargant in the Sons of Behemat army), what happens? A: You roll a dice for every model in the unit and for every 3+ you substract 1 when counting the number of models. If a Gargant counts as (for example) 20 models, you roll one dice and on a 3+ the Gargant now counts as 19 models.

Q: If the objective is on the border of your territory, does this mean it is wholly within your territory? A: No.

Q: My unit Chaos Marauders attempt to charge a Khorne Daemon Prince with the command ability Bloodslick Ground active from 5 inches away; how does this interact? A: Dividing and multiplying happens before adding or reducing. So let's say the Marauders roll a double 1. They then use Forward to Victory CA to re-roll the charge and get a 1 and a 2 (unmodified result). The Marauders' boundless ferocity change the lowest dice to a 6. The dice now read a 6 and a 2 giving a modified total of 8. Bloodslick Ground halves the result to a 4, after which the Marauders' Barbarian Drummer adds 1 to the charge. The result is a 5 and the charge is succesful.

Q: Can the Glottkin use the Blightkrieg command ability while he is in combat, and if so, how does that work? A: The Glottkin can indeed use this command ability but can not attempt a charge himself. He can use it to make a different unit attempt a charge as they are still the receivers of this command.


Q: Deathwalker Zombies; can they exceed the starting unit size using the The Newly Dead ability? A: Since the FAQ made it clear that no restrictions are in place; yes.

Q: The Emerald Host ability that grants Hexwraiths the ability to take over wounds that would normally go on a general, how will you rule that in regards to Nagash being a Warmaster. A: Per Nighthaunt FAQ from 2-2-2022, this is no longer possible.


Q: If a Mega Gargant kicks the objectives that is on the border of the deployment zone in Savage Gains, does that mean it no longer is worth 4 points? A: Yes