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The AoS Worlds FAQ doesn’t aim to offer the commonly accepted solution to an unclear rule. Its purpose is to offer clarification regarding such rules in order to play them ruled one way or the other, to avoid frustrations and heated arguments at the gaming tables during the event.


Destruction faction related:

Q: If a Sons of Behemat army has multiple Kraken Eaters, can they all kick an objective every hero phase?

A: No, only one model with that ability can be picked.

Q: How does the Sons of Behemat Mightier Makes Rightier interact with the scoring on Apex Predators?

A: Per FAQ, the SoB player can choose to ignore the Apex Predator scoring rules and take control within 6 inches of the objective.

Q: If Kragnos charges a unit of mosnters and uses the Rampaging Destruction ability, will the Mortal Wounds spill over from one model in that unit to another?

A: Yes

Q: Can a unit be selected to fight a unit of Gore Grunta’s that used the Bloodtoofs’ ability to gete within 3 inches of that unit?

A: No, a unit can not fight at the end of the combat phase unless an spell or ability specifically allows it to.

Q: How will you rule the interaction between Mighty Destroyers and the Fast ‘Un mount trait?

*A: We will not allow a unit to move twice in the same hero phase using both abilities. *

Q: Can a Mega Gargant step over the Fyreslayers Runic Fyrewall?

A: Yes as it ignores the model.

Chaos faction related:

Q: In a mirrormatch between two Host of the Everchosen (Slaves to Darkness) armies. What happens if both Archaons use their Dark Prophecy command ability during the same battle round?

A: Since the reveal will trigger outside of normal turn order, both players will roll off to see what ability triggers first. This means the player that LOSES this roll-off will have their ability trigger last and thus be the deciding factor since he will overrule the first trigger.

Q: Does the Slayer of Kings ability from Archaon continue the attack sequence if the double 6 to wound would not slay the defending model?

A: Yes

Q: How does the Slayer of Kings interact with abilities that do not let a unit be instantly slain or resurrection abilities like the Flamespyre Phoenix?

A: When a double 6 to wound is rolled, the Slayer ability will trigger immediatly and slay the model. If the model is slain, the other attack sequences end. If an ability ignores the instanly slain effect, immediately resolve the replacement ability (for example D6 mortal wounds, or 3 wounds on Morathi) and continue as normal with the attack sequence.

Q: In Legion of the First Prince, can Be’lakor roll his ward save after attempting (but failing) to reallocate a wound to a unit nearby? And if the reallocation roll is succesful, can the nearby unit roll for a ward save?

A: Yes to both.

Q: How many rerolls does Epidemius get during a game or turn from the Tallyman of Nurgle ability?

A: A maximum of 7 rerolls during the entire game.

Q: Do Horrors of Tzeentch lose their battleline pitched battle role if they no longer have Pink Horrors in the unit?

A: No

Q: Without asking the player after every single dice roll, at what point is it considered that a player has decided not to re-roll the dice and so the Kairos dice changing ability can be triggered?

A: Since it only really applies to charge rolls (if other rolls can be rerolled it will be known before the roll), we feel asking is not too much. Also if your opponent reaches to move the models, you will know he has accepted the roll.

Q: Does a unit of Iron Golems have a unit champion that can issue a command to it’s own unit?

A: No

Q: If a Gaunt Summoner summons a unit of Daemons outside that specific Daemons faction, will they have the battline battlefield role as they do for any Chaos faction?

A: Yes

Q: Can I roll for my spell or charge, then choose to reroll it via an ability and then decide to use the Tzeentch Destiny Dice?

A: Yes

Q: How does the Kairos Fateweaver “Oracle of Eternity” interact with the Celestant-Prime “Orrey of Celestial Fates” or the Stormcast artefact “Luck Stone”?

A: Kairos changes the dice after the roll, and thus can affect both abilities

Q: When Metamorphosis (Ghur generic spell) is cast on a unit of 3 or 6 Varanguard in Knights of the Empty Throne, how is the unit treated?

A: All models in that Varanguard unit will become a monster, meaning they will count as 5 per Varanguard model on an objective and when slaying one Varanguard, a Ghur point will be awarded. Also, each Varanguard model can do its own monstrous rampage.

Q: Can you clarify the ruling for the Knights of the Empty Throne “Unmatched Conquerers” ability on units that count differently on objectives? For example a SoB Mega Gargant, 6 Gore Gruntas or a unit of 20 Mortek Guard?

A: We will rule as follows: roll a dice for every physical model in that unit (So 1 dice for a Gargant, 6 for the Gore Gruntas and 20 for the Mortek Guard). Keep track of how many 3+’s you roll. At the end of the turn, when determining control of the objectives, look at how many that unit would count for on the objective (20 for a Mega Gargant, 12 for the Gore Gruntas and 20 for the Mortek Guard) and substract the amount of 3+ you rolled. A Mega Gargant can go down to 19, the 6 Gruntas can go down to counting for 6 (1 per model instead of 2 per model) and the Mortek Guard can go to as low as 0.

Q: Does Archaon need to be the “chosen” general to benefit from his warscroll or Host of the Everchosen abilities?

A: No, Archaon is counted as a general and thus can benefit from these abilities.

Q: Will the term “picked” to be the armies general be handled the same was as “chosen” for the purpose of counting cultist unit as battleline in a Slaves to Darkness (non-Idolators) army?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I rally Pink Horrors back when attempting a rally in a unit that only has a couple Brimstone Horrors left?

A: No, as they do not count as slain.

Q: Can a coalition unit/hero still be used as a point of summoning for armies like Tzeentch or Slaanesh?

A: Yes

Q: Does the Kairos “Oracle of Eternity” count as a modifier? Meaning a triggered re-roll would prevent him from using the ability as it can not be modified twice?

A: No, a re-roll can be used before Kairos triggers his ability and it can not prevent him from using his ability. This ability is not counted as a modifier.

Q: Can the new Beasts of Chaos Monstrous Rampage of the Jabberslythe modify the Save of a model with the ‘Ethereal’ or other ‘unmodifiable save’ rules? The exact wording specifies that the Save is ‘worsened’, i.e. that the characteristic is changed.

A: Yes

Q: The ‘Creatures of the Storm’ ability of the Beasts of Chaos allows Thunderscorn units to move D6” in the Hero Phase. Do you roll separately, or once for all?

A: Roll for each unit separately

**Q: Does the Mortal wound from “Acid Ichor” of Orghotts Daemonspew allow a ward save ?

A: No

Order faction related:

Q: Can a unit of Stormdrake Guard have mixed weapons (lances and swords)

A: Yes

Q: Can only Wizards try to unbind spells that are casted by the Archmage ability? As it mentions “enemy wizards”.

A: Most abilities that allow a unit to unbind (or dispell) will mention they do so “as if they were a wizard” and so they will grant that unit the option to unbind spells cast by Teclis.

Q: Can Morathi-Khaine roll a ward save?

A: No, wounds are allocated to the Shadow Queen and not Morathi-Khaine and also can not be negated per Morathi-Khaine’s warscroll.

Q: Can the Lumineth Realmlords “Claim the field” ability pick one unit multiple times?

A: No

Q: How does Gotrek interact with the Nurgle disease ability?

A: The Nurgle player will roll the set of dice to determine the amount of mortal wounds. Gotrek will reduce the amount to 1 and then roll his ward save.

Q: How do Morathi-Khaine and the Shadow Queen interact with the new “The Hunt’ rules?

A: When Morathi-Khaine dies, she will give up a “Hunt point” but since it is always the Shadow Queen ability that slays her, it is not possible to score the extra Hunt points.

Q: What will take precedent at Worlds? The Fly High warscroll ability stating a unit can join or leave before the fly high ability, or the core rules stating that joining or leaving a garrison can only be done at the end of the movement phase?

A: The latter.

Q: When can Teclis automatically remove an endless spell in the hero phase?

A: In the hero phase. The FAQ that was written in the previous edition has been removed.

Q: Can the Akhelian King’s Lord of Tides command ability target the same unit up to D3 times and thus reduce it’s save by Q: Can an Akhelian King’s Lord of Tides CA be used to target the same unit up to D3 times?

A: No

Q: The Lumineth Realm Lords sub faction Iliatha’s command trait states that “After a friendly Iliatha Vanari unit receives a command, you can pick 1 other friendly Iliatha VVanari unit within 3” of that unit. If you do so, that other unit also receives that command”. Will it be ruled that it can chain past the first unit as RAW this is how it works.

A: It can be chained, however the original conditions for that command ability must be met. Therefore you can not (for example) give the redeploy command to a unit that is not within 9 inches of the enemy unit that just finished a move.

Q: How does the Fyreslayer artecat Volatile Brazier inter with the Magmic Invocation Zharrgron Flame-Spitter. Does it only double the range for initial setting up or does it also double the range for its Magma Blast, e.g. targeting units within 48”?

A: It only doubles the range of the prayer used to summon the Flame-Spitter, not the range of its abilities.

Q: Will the Loreseekers ability also trigger when he is teleported or set-up out of reserve?

A: Only on first set up, either in deployment or from reserve

Q: Can shadow warriors claim the Strike Unseen bonus from cover gained from being “behind terrain”?

A: Yes they get the cover and the bonus

Q: Akhelian Thrallmaster: Please clarify if his Fighting Stance “Way of the Riptide” can apply to all units in range or just one.

A: It’s an aura and can affect multiple unit

Q: Seraphon Thunderlizards Command Trait: Prime Warbeast. Does this also add attacks to the crew’s missile weapons? As they are treated as mounts for rules purposes.

A: Yes it also adds attacks to the crew stated as being treated as mounts.

Q: When an IDK model is ruled to being “treated as being in cover”, does an IDK unit then receive the “benefit of being in cover”, even if the wound characteristic is more than 9 wounds or has charged?

A: No

Q: Can a Slann Starmaster cast ‘Arcane Bolt’ through a Skink Wizard / Oracle with Arcane Vassal and if so, does he need to stay within 12” when releasing the Arcane Bolt?

A: The Slann Starmaster still remains the caster. So yes.

Q: Seraphon Sacred Asterism: “The Great Drake”. Does this also add +1 attacks to the melee weapons of a mount (e.g. Engine of the Gods)?

A: Yes

Q: Does the Aventis Firestrike “Comet Trail” buff stay on units that are within 3” of Aventis in movement phase – or does Aventis get an aura that units need to be within 3”?

A: Aventis gives out the +1 to hit to all units within 3 after he finishes a move. It is not an aura that will move with him after and thus the units that were within 3 inches after ending the move, will get the +1 to hit until the next hero phase.

Q: As Companions are treated as Mounts for rule purposes, does this mean that no Isharann hero nor the Thrallmaster can garrison the Gloomtide Shipwreck?

A: Yes

Q: The Endless Sea Storm command trait makes the caster able to cast another spell if I roll an unmodified 7+ and it’s not unbound. Can I keep casting spells as long as I keep rolling 7+?

A: Yes

Q: When the Idoneth artifact “Rune of Surging Gloomtide” is used, can the Idoneth player choose to summon the boat as either a single full boat or 2x half boats?

A: Summon 1 complete Shipwreck, 2 small ones if they are placed within 3 inch of each other, or one small one.

Q: does the Teclis’s Seeing Stone of Celennar effect also triggers if a unit is affected by an endless spell cast by a friendly wizard? As the wording could imply either.

A: No the ability does not trigger when a unit is affected by an endless spell cast by a friendly wizard.

Q: Is the Sylvaneth ‘Throne of Vines’ spell stackable across multiple turns so long as its conditions continue to be met?

A: Yes

Q: If an Idoneth Deepkins Gloomtide Shipwreck has been destroyed by a monstrous rampage or other ability that destroys terrain, how does this interact with the Creeping Gloomtide grand strategy?

A: Yes. Destroying it will not cause it to “not be a Gloomtide Shipwreck” as it will retain the keywords. However, make note that (for example) Big Drogg Fort-Kicka does remove all effects and keywords and could prevent such a grand strategy.

Death Faction related:

Q: Does Gorslav Arise Arise! work independently of Endless Legions? Meaning can you bring back the same unit with Unit with Endless Legion and Arise Arise throughout the game?

A: No

Q: Can I use the Vampire Lords Crimson Feast command ability in both my turn and my opponent’s turn to give one unit +2 attacks?

A: No, the ability does not stack, as your unit is still benefiting from the ability in the following turn.

Q: If i have 2 Gothizzar Harvesters both within 3” of a slain model, do they both get to roll for Bone Harvest?

A: The Harvest ability states “any unit with this ability” so it does not stack.

Q: The Soulblight Gravelords Legion of Night subfaction trait “Ageless cunning” allows you to set up 1 model in reserve per every model on the table. Legion of Night subfaction abilities cannot be used by Vykros keyword (eg Gorslav, Belladamma, Radukar).

Q: If a Legion of Night army sets up (for example) Belladamma as one unit on the table, does she then count as 1 unit on the table for the army, and unlocks the ability to deploy 1 Legion of Night unit in reserve?

A: Yes, it will count as one unit on the table

General questions:

Q: Can a Warmaster be the target of a spell or abilities that allows a “friendly unit” to benefit from a certain buff.

A: Yes, however they can not benefit from allegiance abilities that are specific to a certain army.

Q: If a unit contains multiple monsters, like the Stormdrake Guard, how is the extra point for killing a monster (Ghur) scored and how are battle tactics like Monstrous Takeover or Bring it Down scored?

A: For the extra Ghur point, only 1 monster model from that unit has to be killed. For the battle tactic, Bring it Down specifies “unit” and thus the whole unit has to be killed while Monstrous Takeover does not specify unit.

Q: How will controlling terrain be ruled?

A: The same way as controlling objectives is measured and in accordance to the core rules. A unit must choose which terrain feature or objective they contest.

Q: What if, later during the turn, we discussed a Battle Tactic has not been chosen by the active player?

A: A random one will be chosen immediately.

Q: In the FAQ it states a Lumineth Realm Lords Alumnia army is not able to use the pre-game move on the same unit several times. Can I use pre-game move several times on the same unit in a Tzeentch Host Arcanum army or in an Orruk Warclans Bonesplitterz army?

A: No

Q: Is it correct that summoned and other units added to the army later, now gain the battlefield role?

A: Yes, they will gain the appropriate pitched battlefield role

Q: What counts as a modifier?

A: A modifier changes the value of the dice by adding, subtracting, dividing, duplicating the dice roll. “Count as” is not a modifier but specifically states the value of the dice.

Q: How will you rule the Z-axis move with Flying models, do models have to retain the “parallel/flush” to the board when it ends a move?

A: Yes. That said, terrain will be ruled to lessen this possibility. Also please agree with your opponent before the game starts what you both feel comfortable with.

Q: Does a unit that finishes a pre-game move on an objective allow them to own the objective when the game starts?

A: Yes.

Q: How will you rule the placement of objectives in battleplans where the objectives is located on the edge of your terrain or even the edge of the battlefield?

A: We will rule that in The Vice, the objective start wholly within your territory (as the outside of the map is not a territory that opposes this) and objectives on the edge of your deployment zone on the side of the rest of the battlefield are not wholly within either territory (as stated in the FAQ).

Q: When an identical replacement unit is added to your army, is it also part of the battalion that the unit it is replacing was in?

A: Depends if it’s “added” or “returned”. Added means, it’s not the same unit and will not be part of the battalion. However when a unit is “returned” it will be part of the same battalion.

Q: Do summoned units give victory points with the new primal rules? (Ex. Pink horrors)

A: Yes

Q: Will Warmaster count for the Slay the Warlord battle tactic?

A: Only if that model is the “Chosen” General. So if the Warmaster is a second general, it will not count.

Q: How many models does a unit of monsters (e.g. Dragons) count as when contesting an objective?

A: Each dragon is a monster. Each model will count for 5. So a unit of 4 Stormdrake Guard can count for 20 models.

Q: What happens if both players have a pre-game ability? Who goes first?

A: If 2 abilities happen outside of a turn, it’s a roll off to determine who does ALL their abilities/effects first.

Q: Is there a maximum of victory points you can score from the Hunt in any given turn?

A: No

Q: What comes first: the Hidden Agent set-up or alpha and beta objectives (Tectonic interference) at the start of the first battle round?

A: Player roll off (simultaneous ability outside of a turn)

Q: If a predatory endless spell is controlled by a wizard that is also a monster, does that grant you a bonus VP for completing a battletactic that grants bonus when done with a monster?

A: No

Q: How will Line of Sight be ruled?

A: Regular core rules. True line of sight including speartips or cloaks

Q: How do various so-called “Spell wards” (for example Archaon) interact with Total Eclipse?

A: Total Eclipse affects the player and not the unit. It’s not Archaon that spends the command point, it’s the player. Archaon is merely using the command ability itself.

Q: How do various so-called “Spell wards” (for example Archaon) interact with the Hallowheart spell Warding Brand?

A: Every time the Warding Brand spell would cause a mortal wound, the spell ward can be rolled. So for example Archaon the Everchosen would first roll his spell ignore ability (per 4+ that is rolled on Warding Brand) and then roll his mortal wound ward save.

Q: In Turn 5, if a hero has been turned into a Monster via the Ghur Metamorphosis spell, does this count towards having a Monster alive at the end of the game for the purposes of achieving the Beastmaster Grand Strategy?

A: No as it needs to be a monster of your starting army

Q: Can you actively choose to deploy less than the full amount of models in a given unit?

A: No. Understrength units have to be indicated at the list building stage

Q: Ally and Coalition units do not “count towards minimum Battlelines” for list construction purposes. However RAW they do not lose battleline status. Will a Coalition or Ally unit that is unconditional Battleline in that grand alliance (for example Bloodletters in a Chaos army) still retain the battleline battlefield role?

A: Yes. However do make note some battle tactics mention battleline from your starting army, and thus will not be achieved with summoned units.

Q: How does rally work in the following situation? I started with 15 Blood Stalkers but 5 were slain. I have rallied 2 Blood Stalkers back in my previous turn and in the next hero phase I issue the Rally command ability again. Do I get to roll 5 dice or 3?

A: Rally returns SLAIN models. Since the 2 models you already rallied back are no longer slain, you can roll 3 dice in this example.